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Editors Choice: Top 10 Roots Reggae Albums Of All Times

As someone who listens to music randomly and without any rules, skimming through artists as I feel, I felt compelled to compile my top ten favorite roots reggae albums. Each of these ten albums grounds and organizes me, and in those rare moments, I listen to music in order, without changing my opinion over the years. The albums are an editor's choice, and I did not include some greats like The Gladiators, Mighty Diamonds, The Abyssinians, Heptons, Black Slate, or […]

todayDecember 3, 2023 151 10 3

Album Reviews

Interview with Manjul, Dub to Mali sessions

We've been blessed with an interview with one of the most gifted musicans of today, Manjul. In this interview we've talked about Manjul's early life, latest ablum sessions "Dub to Mali", life views, political situation in the world and life itself. We hope this interview will give closure to the listener about artists life and inspirational force he drives through all kind of sources in life, from religion and personal beliefs to his connection with other human beings. Which should […]

todayJuly 17, 2019 197


Interview with Harrison Stafford from Groundation

On September 28th we had honor and privilege to make an interview with a living legend, Harrison Stafford himself. For those who by any chance haven't heard of this great man, Harrison is the founder and lead singer of the legendary group "Groundation" as well as "Professor" his solo project. In the very interview we're talking about "Groundation" tour in France which at that time was upcoming, legendary audio engineer Jim Fox, latest album "The Next Generation", new group members […]

todayJanuary 18, 2019 233


Remembering legendary Peter Tosh 9/11/1987

On this day, thirty-one years ago, legendary reggae icon Peter Tosh was murdered in his house by a political puppet who claimed to be his friend in a so-called robbery. Peter Tosh was known among friends and people in Kingston to be a generous man, giving away money he earned through music. Meaning that background story that he was murdered because he only had 200 US dollars in his house during the robbery, had no sense. He was killed because […]

todaySeptember 12, 2018 49


The story of Harris Lloyd “B.B.” Seaton

Introduction: In the past month, we've made contact with many publishing houses. One of those publishing houses was "Soul Beat Records" which is managed by legendary Harris Lloyd Seaton, among colleagues known as "Bibi". When you are exchanging so many e-mails and update your data daily, you lose that fines that actually led you to write about music. So at our first contact, I didn't realize with whom I am talking to exactly, mostly because it slipped out of my […]

todayApril 7, 2018 152


The story about the Legend “Yabby You” – By Dadaman

.... "Be you, yabby yabby you" .... Heard a man with dreadlocks in 1969 in Jamaica. The storm interrupted one of the many discussions he had with his Rastafarian friends about who is the true God on earth - Jesus or Haile Selassie. Trough crackling thunder, he claims, he heard voices saying: "Be you, yabby yabby you". His name was Vivan Jackson, and in the Rastafarian communes where he lived, he received, due to his religious beliefs, the frivolous nickname […]

todayMarch 11, 2018 241 1