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Vaugn Benjamin, Bagnols-sur-Cèze 2012

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Vaughn Benjamin, passing of a legend who made music that did not sound like a music business

We have been preparing for a long time to write this text, and we simply must not remain idle, beyond all emotions. And I don't know why tonight I've chosen to write it down, but it will be in one breath. Vaughn Benjamin, founder of "Midnite" and "Akae Beka" left us on the fourth of November 2019 at the age of fifty. The exact reason for his death was never stated, there are only rumors that Vaughn had been ill […]

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Buju Banton has been released from prison after eight years of conviction

Buju Banton (Mark Myrie) after 8 years (the sentence was 10) has been released from prison in Tampa, Florida. He was caught in action by federal agents, along with the dealer who was working on a cocaine deal for Buju. After 8 years of prison Buju said: "Having survived, I want to share the good news and strength of my music. I just want to continue making music, which I've devoted my life to. I look forward to the opportunity […]

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Remembering legendary Peter Tosh 9/11/1987

On this day, thirty-one years ago, legendary reggae icon Peter Tosh was murdered in his house by a political puppet who claimed to be his friend in a so-called robbery. Peter Tosh was known among friends and people in Kingston to be a generous man, giving away money he earned through music. Meaning that background story that he was murdered because he only had 200 US dollars in his house during the robbery, had no sense. He was killed because […]

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The story about the Legend “Yabby You” – By Dadaman

.... "Be you, yabby yabby you" .... Heard a man with dreadlocks in 1969 in Jamaica. The storm interrupted one of the many discussions he had with his Rastafarian friends about who is the true God on earth - Jesus or Haile Selassie. Trough crackling thunder, he claims, he heard voices saying: "Be you, yabby yabby you". His name was Vivan Jackson, and in the Rastafarian communes where he lived, he received, due to his religious beliefs, the frivolous nickname […]

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23 Fun Reggae Facts

1. In the Caribbean, February is Reggae Month 2. The Rastafari practice of Ital – all about life energy - means many reggae musicians are vegetarian, including the late, great Bob Marley. Because meat is dead, Rastafarians believe it works against life's energy 3. Bob Marley's band The Wailers was once sacked on tour as a support band because they were proving much more popular than the main act 4. Marley's last words to his son? "Money can't buy life." […]

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Reggae legend Michael Prophet passed away

Reggae legend and one of the finest reggae vocals of all times Michael George Haynes (Michael Prophet), has passed away this morning at age of 60. Michael was diagnosed with lung and brain tumor. As the disease was diagnosed in the late stage, Michael had no chances of winning this battle. We are deeply saddened as this was indeed one of the last living reggae legends, a voice that touches very soul. Michael was born in 1957 Kingston, Jamaica. In […]

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The creation of UB40’s ” Signing Off” album – by Dadaman

Read Dadamans's review of the unusual start of the band's work and the circumstances under which the album was shot: The debut album "Signing Of" of the British reggae band UB40 is, in the opinion of many fans and critics, their best work. The album was released on August 29. 1980, as an independent publishing house Graduate Records . The cover of the album is the UK Unemployment benefit card, according to which the band got its name. The band […]

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