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The Grammy’s Reggae Royalty: A Look at the Marley Dominance

The Marley name has been synonymous with reggae music since Bob Marley became an international icon. In the realm of the Grammy Awards, the Marley legacy continues to stir up debate. Their prevalence in the "Best Reggae Album" category raises questions about fairness and the influence of legacy on the voting process. Since the category's creation in 1985, the Marleys have carved out a substantial presence. Ziggy and Stephen Marley have amassed a collection of Grammy awards, with Ziggy winning […]

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Balkans Reggae

The State and Perspectives of Reggae Scenes Through Time

Written By Jah Tooth Today's reggae scene is in some vacuum caused by the original scene and what the global market demands today. This should be a tribute to my twenty years of listening to reggae music.Reggae once emerged from the souls of ghettos, the poor, and the oppressed, and then, with the help of Marley, gained the attention of Western masses, where what was spiritual met the material and an escape from poverty. This is not a remark on […]

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Balkanski Rege

Recenzija knjige”Kratka povijest sedam ubistava” Marlon Džejms (Ipcmedia)

Nakon niza štiva koji su vezana za reggae muziku ("Catch a Fire", "Rastafarian", "Nyahbinghi Order"...), imao sam priliku da pročitam "Kratka povijest sedam ubistava" od Marlon Džejms-a koja je prevedena na Srpski od strane izdavačke kuće "Ipcmedia". Iako bi mnogi dodjelili etiketu krimi-roman ovoj zaista izvanrednoj knjizi, ja bih dodao još nekoliko kategorija. Knjiga je zasnovana na istorijskim činjenicama gdje je pisac morao da upotrijebi maštu ne bi li čitaocu predstavio jedan haotični sistem iz prvog lica. Maštu i mnoštvo […]

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Interview with Harrison Stafford from Groundation

On September 28th we had honor and privilege to make an interview with a living legend, Harrison Stafford himself. For those who by any chance haven't heard of this great man, Harrison is the founder and lead singer of the legendary group "Groundation" as well as "Professor" his solo project. In the very interview we're talking about "Groundation" tour in France which at that time was upcoming, legendary audio engineer Jim Fox, latest album "The Next Generation", new group members […]

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