Mo’kalamity has released a new music video for the Kingdoms of Africa song, produced by the legendary duo “Sly & Robbie”.
With her origins from Cape Verde (Western Africa, former Portuguese colony) Mo’kalamity devoted yet another song to the promised continent, Africa.
In the song “Mo” is mentioning the year of 1885, alluding to the Berlin conference when European leading countries (France, Portugal, Great Britain and Germany) agreed upon the exploitation and use of Africa’s natural resources, in other words – colonization.
Africans still have strong feelings about the colonization era, using music to express emotions and at the same time to remind the future generations of injustice they suffered and are still suffering.

Talking about the musical arrangement, it’s not hard to notice a strong presence of island and Caribbean instruments and melodies.
The song is very pleasant and relaxing, equal to listeners feedback so far.
Mo came to Paris with her parents as a child and lives there today.
She started her career as a backup singer, and in 2004 she founded her first band, “The Wizards”.
So far “Mo” has released two albums: “Warriors of Light” in 2006 and “Deeper Revolution” in 2009.

YouTube video of the song:

Author: Jah Tooth

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