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Editors Choice: Top 10 Roots Reggae Albums Of All Times

As someone who listens to music randomly and without any rules, skimming through artists as I feel, I felt compelled to compile my top ten favorite roots reggae albums. Each of these ten albums grounds and organizes me, and in those rare moments, I listen to music in order, without changing my opinion over the years. The albums are an editor's choice, and I did not include some greats like […]

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The Grammy’s Reggae Royalty: A Look at the Marley Dominance

The Marley name has been synonymous with reggae music since Bob Marley became an international icon. In the realm of the Grammy Awards, the Marley legacy continues to stir up debate. Their prevalence in the "Best Reggae Album" category raises questions about fairness and the influence of legacy on the voting process. Since the category's creation in 1985, the Marleys have carved out a substantial presence. Ziggy and Stephen Marley […]

todayNovember 10, 2023 65

Balkans Reggae

The State and Perspectives of Reggae Scenes Through Time

Written By Jah Tooth Today's reggae scene is in some vacuum caused by the original scene and what the global market demands today. This should be a tribute to my twenty years of listening to reggae music.Reggae once emerged from the souls of ghettos, the poor, and the oppressed, and then, with the help of Marley, gained the attention of Western masses, where what was spiritual met the material and […]

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Album Reviews

Album Review: Micah Shemaiah – Jamaica Jamaica

Analyst: Nenad Pekez MIcah Shemaiah - JAMAICA JAMAICA Nenad PekezWhat do you get when you combine today’s most promising Jamaican reggae singer with one of Europe’s finest production and publishing houses? We get a killer album, “Jamaica Jamaica,” the fifth studio release of the young Micah Shemaiah and an outstanding example of the perspective and future of roots music, which is suppressed in the mainstream by various shunts that cry […]

todayApril 21, 2023 200 3

Album Reviews

Album Review: Haile Israel – A Griot’s Journey

Biography I must admit that I first heard of Haile Israel when I researched the biography of Jalani Horton. Through the prism of Bambu Station, I also discovered Tuff Lion, and there is a similarity between the two musicians.Hailey Israel is a guitar master who was also the music director/guitarist for the legendary spiritual/nyabinghi band "Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus." If I'm not mistaken, he embarked on a […]

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