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Album Review: Haile Israel – A Griot’s Journey

todayMarch 31, 2022 412 1 4

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I must admit that I first heard of Haile Israel when I researched the biography of Jalani Horton. Through the prism of Bambu Station, I also discovered Tuff Lion, and there is a similarity between the two musicians.

Hailey Israel is a guitar master who was also the music director/guitarist for the legendary spiritual/nyabinghi band “Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus.” If I’m not mistaken, he embarked on a solo career in 2016. The first album is “Each One Teach One.”

What is interesting about Hailey Israel is that he is, in addition to being a musician and a priest. He also runs a guitar training program for children at two schools in the Virgin Islands.

Logically, Ras Michael chose spiritually inspired musicians, including Hailey of Israel. And thank him for that.

Hailey’s first three albums were self-produced and released by “Reggae Church,” “A Taste of Paradise” as well as “Nah Worry Yah Self.”

The way Hailey Israel plays melodies comes from many musical genres, such as Jazz and Blues. He and Jalani Horton from Bambu have been working together for many years. That collaboration led to this album, “A Griot’s Journey.” Speaking of that, the second album, “371,” was announced as a heavy roots meditation in which Hailey expressed himself spiritually following his life vocation as a priest.

Album reivew "A Griot's Journey"

Whoever enjoyed Tuff Lion’s masterpiece and the album “Ten Strings” will also enjoy “A Griot’s Journey” album by Haile Israel.

“What are your thoughts, such is your guitar section.”

I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding. When you play, say, the song “StCroix Moods” and close your eyes, you will feel the energy of the blessed Virgin Island even if the weather outside is like from the stories of Noah and the flood.

The album is relaxing with masterful melodies under the production baton of Jalani Horton (Jalani, sing a little when you’re already there).

Get away from the digital world, everyday stress, and enjoy music while meditating, working, cooking with Haile Israel. That’s it.

Author: Jah Tooth

Written by: reggaeneracija

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