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Khalia Interview

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Video interview: Khalia

With a little luck, we had the opportunity to talk to a fascinating person and artist, Khalia.And I really did the preparations - read what is available on the Internet about Khalia, about her biography, listened to her interviews. But I was not ready for her appearance, pleasant tone, down-to-earthiness, and that kind of cheerfulness with an incredible smile.After the interview, the impression is that Khalia will become a brand that will emerge at the very top of dancehall and […]

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Story behind Barrington Levy’s “Prison Oval Rock” song

Barrington Levy sings about a specific place in Prison Oval Rock, and, more recently, Chronixx reflects on his life growing up with Spanish Town Rocking. Both songs are about the old capital, the place Lutan Fyah refers to as St Jago De La Vega, in his song of that name, which details the often gritty side of the St Catherine capital. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust's website,, says that Spanish Town was Jamaica's capital up to 1872, when Kingston […]

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Interview with Manjul, Dub to Mali sessions

We've been blessed with an interview with one of the most gifted musicans of today, Manjul. In this interview we've talked about Manjul's early life, latest ablum sessions "Dub to Mali", life views, political situation in the world and life itself. We hope this interview will give closure to the listener about artists life and inspirational force he drives through all kind of sources in life, from religion and personal beliefs to his connection with other human beings. Which should […]

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Interview with Harrison Stafford from Groundation

On September 28th we had honor and privilege to make an interview with a living legend, Harrison Stafford himself. For those who by any chance haven't heard of this great man, Harrison is the founder and lead singer of the legendary group "Groundation" as well as "Professor" his solo project. In the very interview we're talking about "Groundation" tour in France which at that time was upcoming, legendary audio engineer Jim Fox, latest album "The Next Generation", new group members […]

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The story about the Legend “Yabby You” – By Dadaman

.... "Be you, yabby yabby you" .... Heard a man with dreadlocks in 1969 in Jamaica. The storm interrupted one of the many discussions he had with his Rastafarian friends about who is the true God on earth - Jesus or Haile Selassie. Trough crackling thunder, he claims, he heard voices saying: "Be you, yabby yabby you". His name was Vivan Jackson, and in the Rastafarian communes where he lived, he received, due to his religious beliefs, the frivolous nickname […]

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23 Fun Reggae Facts

1. In the Caribbean, February is Reggae Month 2. The Rastafari practice of Ital – all about life energy - means many reggae musicians are vegetarian, including the late, great Bob Marley. Because meat is dead, Rastafarians believe it works against life's energy 3. Bob Marley's band The Wailers was once sacked on tour as a support band because they were proving much more popular than the main act 4. Marley's last words to his son? "Money can't buy life." […]

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How “Niney” the Observer got his nickname

Vinston Holns, better known under the pseudonym "Niney" the Observer, is a producer and singer who played a key role in the 1970s and 1980s when it comes to production and music engineering. What is interesting in particular is that Winston received a nickname after the accident in a workshop where he was left without a little finger. Traditionally, as men have tendencies for black humor, this accident was used for such purpose. Although it didn't immediately evolve into Niney(alluding […]

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